In this review, I will tell you my individual experience using the product Superdrol, manufactured by Athletic Xtreme.

About the product

Superdrol by nature is a prohormone. A prohormone is not a hormone but acts almost like a hormone. I got the suggestion of the name from a notable body building magazine and decided to order it. Ordering it was very convenient and visiting the official website I got my order placed. After about ten days, the packaging arrived and in a bottle there were ninety capsules. The manufacturer has asked the user to take the capsules before the work outs sessions and in empty stomach. After talking to my physician who made me aware of the risks I superdrol Superdrol Reviewstarted taking the capsule; initially one, but later on I increased my dosage. The effects of the product are grossly anabolic and superfast! I felt the change in me as I carried on with the product from the very first week.

The effects it had on me

In the last section I have informed you that as I took the product I saw the effects in matter of weeks. The first change that I felt was the added vigour in me. The workout sessions seemed to get simpler and I wanted to work more. My resting sessions before each repetition became less and this was also noticed by my gym instructor. As I stepped in the third week of use, I could see noticeable changes as soon as I took the product. The strength in my muscles increased manifold and I could raise a bigger weight. Miraculous indeed, but the product worked in just three weeks. By this time, my small side effects like stomach pain had evaded and my weight increased my twenty five pounds. There was a considerable increase in the mass of the muscle and I could feel strength flowing through them. The same workout regime that I have been carrying out for over eight months gave me better effects in just three weeks. I have inferred from this that the product really works to give better results from the same routine! Additionally it increased my libido too and my conjugal life improved also!

But there is a certain level of caution needed in using any kind of prohormone and this is no exception. Talking only of the effects and not the side effects will be a biased review. Hence I need to tell you that prohormone have different effects on different bodies. You must use it after consulting your doctor. The reaction is insanely anabolic and hence your body can be harmed. Your doctor will tell you whether your body can sustain this shock or not. In many isolated cases there are side effects seen but most of them are not very severe and can be got rid off!

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