Superdrol Review

In this review, I will tell you my individual experience using the product Superdrol, manufactured by Athletic Xtreme.

About the product

Superdrol by nature is a prohormone. A prohormone is not a hormone but acts almost like a hormone. I got the suggestion of the name from a notable body building magazine and decided to order it. Ordering it was very convenient and visiting the official website I got my order placed. After about ten days, the packaging arrived and in a bottle there were ninety capsules. The manufacturer has asked the user to take the capsules before the work outs sessions and in empty stomach. After talking to my physician who made me aware of the risks I superdrol Superdrol Reviewstarted taking the capsule; initially one, but later on I increased my dosage. The effects of the product are grossly anabolic and superfast! I felt the change in me as I carried on with the product from the very first week.

The effects it had on me

In the last section I have informed you that as I took the product I saw the effects in matter of weeks. The first change that I felt was the added vigour in me. The workout sessions seemed to get simpler and I wanted to work more. My resting sessions before each repetition became less and this was also noticed by my gym instructor. As I stepped in the third week of use, I could see noticeable changes as soon as I took the product. The strength in my muscles increased manifold and I could raise a bigger weight. Miraculous indeed, but the product worked in just three weeks. By this time, my small side effects like stomach pain had evaded and my weight increased my twenty five pounds. There was a considerable increase in the mass of the muscle and I could feel strength flowing through them. The same workout regime that I have been carrying out for over eight months gave me better effects in just three weeks. I have inferred from this that the product really works to give better results from the same routine! Additionally it increased my libido too and my conjugal life improved also!

But there is a certain level of caution needed in using any kind of prohormone and this is no exception. Talking only of the effects and not the side effects will be a biased review. Hence I need to tell you that prohormone have different effects on different bodies. You must use it after consulting your doctor. The reaction is insanely anabolic and hence your body can be harmed. Your doctor will tell you whether your body can sustain this shock or not. In many isolated cases there are side effects seen but most of them are not very severe and can be got rid off!

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Mass FX Review

Beware of false promises on the internet. If you are not smart enough you may invest your money on the wrong product. The world of internet market is deceptive and often misguiding. Hope this Mass FX review will be able to through light of one such product on which you may invest.

I am a hard-core bodybuilder and I wanted to invest in a very reliable product. I gathered information from one of the bodybuilding magazines, that had inspiring pictures and I decided that I will surely try Mass FX to gauge whether it is really effective. The results that I got were not only great but also tempted me to guide others who are in the same profession as me!

Effective because of its key ingredients

Mass FX is very effective and the reason for this is the unique blend of chemicalsmassfx Mass FX Review that trigger various reactions in the body. To begin with you have Divanil that helps in the increasing of free testosterone which in return increases the muscle mass. It is combined with another chemical messenger 25R-Diol which instructs the androgen receptors in the muscles to start growing. With this is added mushroom extract for phyto chemicals. The phyto-chemicals start the process of aromatase creation. Next, 11-Alpha extracted from Ajuga Turkestanica is added which triggers the process of protein synthesis in the muscles and helps them to retain more of nitrogen. Another unique product that is used in the Mass FX is the Sea buckthorn which acts to save the calcium channels in the muscles from damage so that they may contract whenever necessary. Additionally there is also Forslean that helps in various cellular activities. All of the above stated ingredients increase the mass of the muscles and gives the desired shape to the body. Since the cells in the muscles will be tiring less often, they show signs of better endurance and strength in them.

Clinically tested to be safe

In general I noticed that I could do better bench pressing exercises, better leg pressing exercises as well as increase in the amount of weight I usually lifted before using this product. Apart from this the product did not affect any other system of the body or jeopardise it. But you need to know whether it was clinically proven on other people too? So to tell you the safety of this product I would like to inform that a blood sample of a host of people, all above twenty one, but from various walks of life, was taken before and after using the product. It was found out that there were no changes in the renal stats, in the liver stats and the blood count stats. There were no significant changes but there was increase in the muscle mass of all most all the cases, even though they varied in degree.

So the verdict is that Mass FX is effective in pushing the boundaries of science and presenting a product that is fast enough and still safe enough. Take the product with the right amount of food and a prohormone like 3-AD and notice the changes in your own self!

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Methyl 1-d Review

A prohormone is not a hormone even though it is very close to a hormone. LG sciences have put forth its unique product the Methyl 1D, which helps to increase the hormonal levels in the body. It is like a catalyst in the body and works wonders in creating the effects like muscle gain. It is legal, it is effective and it is a miracle product.

But you must be wondering how can I say so much about the capsules? Well the reason is I have been using the product since six months now and I have noticed noticeable changes in my body of which I will tell you in detail!

Noticeable changes in my body

If you go through the body building sites, you will notice a host of products in the genre of pro hormones. I fell for one such product of LG Sciences called the Methyl 1D. The package arrived in a weeks’ time with additional shipping chargesmethyl1d Methyl 1 d Review to be paid by me. The drug is to be taken in empty stomach, before the workout regime and I followed the instruction. Believe it not, even if I took only one capsule I felt strength flowing in my veins! There was a change in me that others may not be able to see but I could feel it from inside! Over the days I increased my dosage and within four weeks I felt an increase in the muscle mass. Just as I took the product, I felt an added vigour to try some more in the gym. I felt energetic and could work long hours in the gym. Over that my time for resting before a repetition decreased considerably. Did I tell you about my gain in weight? In only three weeks of using the product my weight increased by twenty pounds. Not simply in the gymnasium my performance in the bed room got better and better! As a professional bodybuilder I also needed to know about the safety of the product too, and tell you its dose of pro hormone was well within the permissible range.

But beware!

You must think before taking the product over and over. You must talk to your doctor of the risks associated to taking the Methyl 1D. The effect of the product may be very harmful for certain people. The reason is that pro hormones are by nature very anabolic and they have different effects on different bodies. The sudden drastic change in the body, even if it may be of anabolic nature, may be dangerous. I did not have a visible symptoms since I slowly increased by dose of the product and you too must do so. But in certain individuals there have been signs of side effects, even if very meagre. So beware, be very cautious in handling the product and even if your doctor has given you a clean chit to try the product, you must increase the dose slowly.

The world of the internet is very vast and often arriving at any decision may be hard from the available Methyl 1D reviews. Hope this genuine testimonial will help you to arrive at a decision.

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Halodrol Review

Halodrol is a revolutionary product! I have used it and have got more than just satisfactory results. The product was very effective in bringing out that potential in me that was only a distant fact. Halodrol made it into a reality and now my body makes others jealous!

About Halodrol

Halodrol liquid gels are a relatively newer product marketed by Gaspari Nutrition. Gaspari Nutrition has a lot of products in the market regarding nutrition supplements and this product is their latest invention. The product has to be used for forty days within which one is bound to see the results. However halodrol 166x300 Halodrol Reviewthe manufacturer has also stated that the degree of the effect may vary differently in different persons. This kind of products by nature reacts in different bodied differently. For example, in me I saw the noticeable changes in matter of four to five days but in others it may take around ten days. More over the product must be discontinue after completing one cycle. There must be gap of minimum ninety days before which it should not be tried again. Along with this non-prohormone, you will also have to incorporate a proper diet and a proper exercise regime. This will only make your results faster and better! It contains products like Sorbitol, croscarmelose sodium, di-calcium phosphate, stearic acid and magnesium stearate.

How it worked in me?

To begin with I must tell you that the dosage of the product is only one capsule per day and not more than that. In the first week I saw changes like my skin became oilier and I felt more energetic. Apart from this I also noticed that the resting period has decreased and the active period as increased. In the next week I saw that my strength increased manifold. The endurance capacity of the muscles also increased a lot. Even though there were small pains in my muscles noticed a very slight change in the body mass. This encouraged me to carry on with the product even more! In the third week my muscles felt tauter, I had even more strength and I managed to carry on without an urge to rest in the gymnasium. I noticed a considerable change in the weight and it had increased by ten pounds. The body looked leaner yet stouter and endurance simply doubled. The product really worked and in matter of three weeks showed results. My weight, endurance, and strength all increased to unattainable limits and in the next few days things got better. After forty days I stopped the product as the manufacturer had said and am still reaping the benefits of the product. Even my libido got an increase and I am now happier in my conjugal life. My wife is in awe and my dwindling marriage has got a new leash of life!

But beware, the product triggers very drastic biochemical reactions ion the body. Do not even dream of exceeding the prescribed dose for faster results! Be patient in case you do not see the effects in the first ten days. Continue the product, the active ingredients in the product is sure to create miracle!

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i-Load Review

i-Load has lately invaded the world of prohormone supplements and is power packed. It literally packs the muscles with added nutrients so that they may become hyper stretchy and hyper active. It pumps and boosts its performance and is comparatively new in the market. It is one of the best prohormones in the market.

Why I recommend this product?

My first experience with a prohormone was not very pleasant. I had dirty side effects and the real effects were far from being seen. In such a situation going by reviews was real tough, but still after a little research, I planned to invest in I-Load marketed by professional Supplements. Abiding by the decision I logged oniload i Load Review to the official site and placed an order of a pack of sixty capsules. As soon as the money got deducted from the card, a mail was sent to me regarding the conformation of the order. I was amazed; in the world of internet marketing this kind of professionalism was rare. The site even has a link for me to check the status of my order! By seven working days, my shipments arrived and believe me, within weeks of using the product I could feel the blood pumping in my veins after I took the product! The product is highly anabolic and the results are fast and immediate. In matter of weeks I felt more energetic and in the weeks to come I noted the real changes.

The real changes

In the next six weeks my life took a new turn. Long lost hopes got reawakened and I was able to lift weights close to double my own body weight. Even my muscles gained in mass! Actually the pro-hormone is by nature very anabolic. It triggers the production of androgen receptor as a result of which the muscles hold on to more nitrogen. Six weeks and I noticed that my body had a new form. My endurance limits were stretched beyond limit and my resting period shortened. I was more than happy! The product showed immediate effects- as soon as I finished by body warm up (after taking the product) I felt a new amount of strength unleashed in my muscles. My veins felt like garden hoses and I had an urge to keep on working. I wanted this kind of a product only and when this was coupled with the right kind of protein rich diet, it worked wonders in my body. Imagine, in matter of six weeks my same workout regime gave better results!

But beware of harming your body. You must discontinue using this product after some time and follow a gap. Prolonged use will not ensure increased effects. Amount of androgen receptors in the body cannot be triggered limitlessly! You must also talk to your doctor before starting the product. The reason is since the product is very anabolic; it may cause a shock to the body. Any sudden change in the body is detrimental and this is the reason doctors guidance is necessary.

I loved the product because I am sure of the effects! Do not forget to take care of your diet for best results.

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Halotest 25 Reviews

Halotest-25 is a very anabolic product and it is very effective. There are various prohormones in the market but none is as effective as the Halotest-25. It all began with the Halodrol-50 prohormone that was extremely powerful and hence banned. But Powerlab nutrition was not far behind. It split the Halodrol tablet in two offering it a new name and making it into twenty five milligrams tablets to be taken two a day! The result was seen as to be more effective than the Halodrol product and it is able to reduce the side effects of Halodrol considerably.

The compound does a fast reaction of protein synthesis in the body and so it has an anabolic effect. This anabolic effect causes the muscles to literally pump up halotest25 Halotest 25 Reviewsand provide additional strength during the work out session. I have felt this in my body the very first time I used the product and as I increased the dosage the intensity of the effects increased too!

What effects of Halotest-25 I noticed?

I will label this product as the best pro hormone in the market keeping in mind the effects it gave me. I noticed an increase by twenty five pounds of weight since I have been using this product. You will feel your muscles being filled with strength and I can in fact lift weight about twice my own body weight. The endurance quality of the muscles is improved and after each session I take lesser resting time now. My wear and tear of muscles heals faster and I feel more energetic now. Halotest-25 gave me results as soon as three weeks, but in many cases there may be a week more of intake before you see the real effects. It is miraculous and instantaneous! From your same work out regime you will notice better results, and the only change that I have done is that I have increased the intake of protein in my diet. Another additional effect I noticed in me and other Halotest-25 reviews was that the libido was increased.


It is my responsibility to warn you also regarding the product since I aim to give an unbiased review. There are side effects with the product like stretch marks on the body. This happens because the effects are so fast that they do not give the skin time to grow. But this may be removed by using another product in the same brand wagon called Noestrogen. Apart from this you need to consult your doctor prior starting the product. The reason is that there is such a sudden difference in the metabolic rate of the body, even if anabolic, that very often people may get additional side effects. You need to talk to your doctor and know of the risks and realise if your body is ready from that sudden shock. You must start the product in smaller doses and increase it with time.

The product is anabolic to a startling limit and this is the reason it gives startling results. The price of one pack is around fifty five dollars, but the effects are priceless!

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SOS 500 Review

I will give you a genuine SOS 500 review!  I will not ask you to use the product, that’s entirely up to you, but surely I will cite how I got great results after using this revolutionary product from Double Dragon.

SOS 500 recreates the body

Before informing you about my experience regarding the product I must tell you what it is actually and answer the much ringing question of safety in you. SOS 500 triggers great anabolic reactions in the body. It is made of unique chemicals made in the laboratory that is helps in the nitrogen retention in the muscles and thereby making it perform better. The particular dosage is one capsule to be sos500doubledragon SOS 500 Reviewtaken daily after meals and before going to the gymnasium but only for sex weeks. After completing this cycle you must avoid the product for minimum four weeks. Since the capsules trigger drastic changes in the body, you must know a word of caution! Talk to our doctor before starting with the product.

Regarding the safety, the product was given to a selective group of people from the fitness world. Their renal stats, blood count, and hepatic stats were taken and then later tallied with the blood samples taken after the experiment. It was seen that there was in fact no changes in the body after using it. In very isolated cases people have said about bloating, but it is really rare!

What I felt from taking SOS 500

My individual experience to be stated in a word is ‘AWESOME’. The product is fast, effective and the steroid content is well within the permissible limit for athletes. In the very onset I started with half the dose that is only one capsule before the workout sessions. But in this only I saw results. As m body adapted to the increase in the metabolism I increased my dosage and while in the first week I did not notice in noticeable changes, end of second week was important because by this time I was able to work out simply for entire mornings in the gymnasium! Yes, I could take more weight and my resting period decreased. The muscles seemed enduring and a new power felt in the muscles. My gym trainer gave me a new workout schedule and believes me I started without any problem with the advanced workout session. After using for sixty days I had to discontinue, and so I did. After one month I started again with the product, this time with a close attention to the diet. I expect a greater performance this time in the athletic meet!

It is very hard to decide from the available reviews the efficacy of any product, especially keeping in mind the trend of internet marketing! But SOS 500 reviews from genuine users like me can help you to make a decision. The product has been stated to have side effects because pro hormones act differently in different bodies. But you can surely give it a try, because the desire for effects is far greater than the fear of side effects!

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Finaflex Review

I have been lately associated with a person who is intricately related to marketing section of Redefine Nutrition. He told me that all the marketing hype regarding the product Fina Flex is fact and not a fiction. The product has really worked in many who have come up to put forth their genuine reviews. Reading the reviews I found that most of them were too good to be true! Yet I decided to try with the product and one uneventful morning my pack of sixty capsules arrived.

Finaflex 1-Andro for fitness advocates

I have been a fitness advocate since a long time but lately my supplement for prohormone was not having the desired results. I left a gap of ninety days and finaflex1andro Finaflex Reviewstarted the product. Initially I took one capsule a day, as against the recommended two to three capsules. But in spite of taking even half the dose, I saw a new leash of energy in me. I am always very cautious regarding trying any product on my body, but tell you there were no side effects that I needed to take care of. By the end of the second week, I could repeat my sessions more often and my weight decreased by around seven pounds. It is natural in me to lose weight initially when I tried any product but by the end of the forth week, there was an amazing development in the strength, the endurance and the resting time decreased.

I was very pleased with the results

I was very pleased with the results but I did not concentrate on the diet plan and inclusion of cardiovascular exercises in my routine. I have now a weight of two hundred and twenty pounds- this is very impressive but I could have got better results. As suggested I had to discontinue the product and wait for some time and the next time start the product again I will surely follow a proper diet chart and include cardiovascular exercises. Honestly, if you are inspired by my story then do not forget about the food and right kind of exercise with the product.

I have strongly recommended this product to my friend and recommend this to you too! My friend in Redefine Nutrition was right- the product really worked. One more point that drew my attention is that the capsule is so potent that even very small doses show results. If you are wondering about the level of Pro Hormone that is used, I would like to tell you that are within the permissible range. But before starting the product you must talk to your doctor regarding the product. The product triggers big chemical reactions in the body and often the body may not be able to respond to the reaction appropriately. Your doctor is aware of your body and he must have the final say in your decision.

Taking this prohormone I could decrease the body fat and increase the lean muscle mass. I am not a spammer, but I will not ask you to believe me! Try the product on your own and build your own faith.

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The Use and Benefits of the Best Prohormones

Prohormones are today legal dietary supplements and the best prohormones are easily available and bought over the counter. They are also best defined as a precursor to a steroid. They have been part of the bodybuilding scene for years now and people use them as an enhancer for energetic performance while working out or even bodybuilding. A prohormone is also known as a source element that helps in creating hormones. These products work best as a stimulant in the body and have no major or hormonal side effects. They are extremely popular and are mostly consumed by bodybuilders. This is because they help in improving muscle mass and strength. The prohormone reviews mostly speak of it muscle gain 225x300 The Use and Benefits of the Best Prohormonesbeing great at burning fat, enhancing energy levels and libido.

Best prohormones

Prohormones help in enhancing the production of a hormone that is already being produced by the body. As hormones anyway help in the control of muscle gain and also physical growth and performance, many people add prohormones to their supplemental routine. Best prohormones are known as legal steroid alternatives and are highly effective in adding that muscle growth in the shortest period of time. The top selling prohormone is Halo-Drol. It helps in retaining the hard-earned muscles and also in improved vascularity. They are supplements that are legal and with real anabolic effects that drastically change the look of your body. If it is consumed correctly and followed with the appropriate and right post cycle therapy, people will notice visible 5 to 25 pounds of muscle mass gained and the body fat composition is considerably decreased as well. Some of the common and popular prohormones available are Halo-Plex, Epi-Plex, Anavar, SD-90, Chlorovar and many more.

Prohormone reviews and benefits

There are a lot of uses and benefits of prohormones. The best prohormone will help with the building of muscle and for those who want to boost up their testosterone level usually use it without major side-effects. They easily get dissolved in the system and provide with a quick boost of energy. There are many types of prohormones available in the market that are known as dietary supplements and are used to enhance natural testosterone in the body. They are flax oils, whey protein, glutamine and also some multi-vitamins. Prohormones are widely used because they also reduce body fat and get it to the lowest level as possible. Another use of prohormones is that it is also used as an alternative for the treatment of hormone replacement as a prescription drug. The main benefit stated in many reviews of prohormones is that it increases lean mass, endurance, strength while muscle building without any unnecessary bloating or excess weight gain. It is the most effective and quickest way of getting the body you desire and also help you with energy and the capability that is required during the workout routines. A lot of athletes use this as the next best alternative to anabolic steroids. The best prohormone helps in recovery of time and this enables you to achieve your goals of power and muscular strength more quickly.

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Gain Muscle Mass Using Supplements and Prohormones

A Prohormone is a commonly used precursor of hormones. It is usually used by the athletes, bodybuilders and more such people who wish to have a greater effect on their muscles. The best prohormones work by enhancing the effect of the existing hormone.

The best pro hormone  

The choice of a best prohormone according to your suited body type should be done carefully. There should be no negligence with matters related to muscle and body building. Even the popular and best pro hormone variety may not suit you and hence it calls for a proper research. The prohormones should not be mistaken for steroids as prohormones do not add hormones but just help increase tge effect of current ones. One of the examples of a common pre hormone is pro insulin.

The process of selecting a prohormone depends entirely on the requirement if your regime and target for the body. You need a specific purpose to be using them as it csn be fatal if done without regulatiinmuscle growth supplements 300x199 Gain Muscle Mass Using Supplements and Prohormones a knowledge. The reviews and prescriptions will hell you to opt for the best prohormone. The pro hormone is a useful for professionals and they monitor their usage and effects constantly. You can bulk up using certain pro hormones. The entire process of increasing muscles can be supplemented well with a healthy exercising routine. There are great discounts available online with the best pro hormones that you want to buy for muscle building. The supplements are often used by people to gain muscle mass and are regulated well by the factors such as diet, exercise, routine regimes etc. In short there should be care taken apart from using the best pro hormone.

Regularities with using prohormone

The method and the dosage of consumption can be understood and be adapted within your lifestyle. But the purpose for which you want to bulk up muscle and use the prohormone differs your requirement at it and even the kind of supplementing diet and exercise programs you prefer with it. Many more substances are available in the market that can be used as prohormones. Hence your choice at a particular prohormone and the perfect use of it for good results are a priority. It cannot be dealt with negligence like for example being haphazardly consumed by amateurs and ordinary routine people without much regulation. The research for the need to use it, the care while using it, will give you the desired results and make it to be the best prohormone.

The prohormones acting as bodybuilding supplements are a common thought whereas the basic effect is help in enduring muscle mass. It gives your certain hormones the effectiveness and the boost to help sustain the energy, diet and exercise to make you build up your muscles. The attempt at that should be a genuine one even after the consumption of prohormone as they will alone not make the muscles get affected. The intention, selection and consumption of the prohormone is not tricky if you are clear about your goals for the body and it is the best way to analyze them by reviews and body specific comparisons.

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